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Cannot Block Toxic Players
Discusión iniciada por JoeClark, el dia 23 Septiembre 12:47
THIS IS NOT OK. I understand that multiplayer games come with their drawbacks of trolls and toxicity. It's bound to happen and it's unavoidable. That said, if you come across someone who turns out to be extremely toxic, they have now been identified and my expectation is that I can block that person and never see them again. It has come to my attention that blocking actually does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It might mute them for that one game, but I can still be matched with them and next time I am matched with them, they are unmuted. THIS IS NOT OK. I am blocking these people for a reason! People like that are not going to be toxic for just 1 game. They are toxic *all* the time. Why should I, or anyone, be forced to be paired with toxicity when I have both reported and blocked it? Why is it only applicable for that 1 game? I don't block people lightly, and if I block someone, they should STAY blocked and I shouldn't be forced to have yet another bad experience because Blizzard hopes that putting them in timeout for a game will change their attitude. If someone decides to become block happy and tries to block everyone in the game and wonders why they can't find anyone to play with, then that's their problem, but for those of us who are trying hard to actually have fun and do well in the game, don't force us to keep matching with these trolls.
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